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Affiliate Program Overview
  • Pays 25% to 50%
  • 10 Year Cookies
  • Pays Repeat Sales
  • Offers Helpdesk
  • Get $10 For Signing Up!
  • Recurring Payments
  • Contests & Prizes!
  • Promotes For You

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for a very profitable affiliate program or associate program to promote? If you are, may I suggest that you consider the following criteria before choosing any program to promote?

Here are the criteria:

1) Does the affiliate program track sales using a single “session cookie” or 10-year cookies?

Explanation: If you promote Clickbank products you get a commission at the time of sale, but as I read the website it appears they don’t set cookies, so if someone buys 7 months later you don’t get a commission.

A lot of affiliate and associate programs use what are called “session cookies” which means you only get paid if the person buys within 24 hours of clicking on your link. Worse than that, with some programs you only get paid if they order via your link immediately when they go to the website. What this means to you is, you’ve spent all this time, energy, effort, trouble, cost and expense promoting to search engines, building a link, getting traffic, opt-ins and clicks and in the end you’re left screwed with the short end of the stick. What kind of a feeling is that?

That’s why with Evermore we set 10-year cookies. So, we can track sales literally up to 10 years from the time the person clicks on your associate link, limited of course by the technical aspects of cookies. But it’s one heck of a lot better system than only paying you if someone buys within a 12 or 24-hour period.

C’mon, you and I both know you’re driving the traffic and affiliate program owners are getting the money from your traffic — and you ain’t getting jack!

2) Does the affiliate program follow up with your buyers AND pay you commissions on those back end sales?

Did you know that with a lot of programs you don’t make any money on the follow up sales to your buyers? You get zero. Nada. Zilch. In other words, you spend all your money and all your time getting someone to buy the products to get a 1 time 50% commission. How unfair is that?

With the Evermore Affiliate program we follow up with YOUR buyers with quality back end products that you can earn commissions on.

Our products pay between 35% and 50% commissions except some big tickets, which still pay out a hefty commission!.

What this means to you is, you can get a buyer one time and make additional commissions by doing nothing because we follow up, we pay for the autoresponders, we write the emails, we handle the live chat calls, we do the free conference calls or webinars, send the weekend ezine and YOU get the commission on any sales we make for you.

3) Does the affiliate or associate program offer support on weekdays so customers can get answers to their sales questions and customer service problems on the spot?

So you go out on a limb and recommend a product, then the customer buys it and can’t download it or has some other similar problem. There’s no support, they send an email and don’t get a return response for 3 days.

Now how do you think the customer feels about you and your recommendation at that point? Probably not too keen, hey? Chances are if they’re familiar with you, they’ll email YOU for help on what to do. And how does that look? What do you think they are going to do next time you make a recommendation? They’re probably going to pass.

Question: Do you want to treat your customers like that — or do you want return business? Especially return business that keeps commissions funneling into YOUR PayPal account on back end “cookied sales”. (A cookied sale is for a product that you aren’t promoting, may not know exists, but you STILL get paid for it if someone buys it after clicking through YOUR affiliate link!)

With we pay live support operators to be there so your customers can have their questions and problems answered right away and answered correctly. That’s expensive and there are not that many people willing to go to bat with associates to do it.

In short, when you join the Evermore Affiliate, we are going to treat the customers right. The way the deserve to be treated.

4) Does your program offer recurring billing trials?

The back end is very important to me and to you. Because a 35% one time commission is hardly worth the effort, especially on a $20 or $50 product. So how do you feel when you sell someone’s $20 product, make a whopping $10 or $15 product commission and they sell recurring billing products to your customers and don’t even pay you on the back end.

Well that’s not the way we treat our affiliates at

Our conversion rate is very good on the trials. Others are a work in progress of course, but we’re always working to make them better. And, you get 35% of the monthly recurring billing commissions.

5) Does your affiliate program offer a continuous supply of quality tools you can use to promote their products?

You need tools to promote with. Whether the tools are tips you can put on you website, articles, banner ads, pop ups, and so forth. Because you’re busy and you’ve got other things to do with your life so shouldn’t the associate program owner give you tools to promote their products and services with?

We think so. So not only do we have the site that gives you an army of tolls, but also, at least twice a month we send out additional emails, mailings, tools that you can use to send to your list or put on your website to make money.

6) Does your program offer contests and cash prizes?

In addition to paying out some of the most generous commissions in the industry, we also periodically hold fun contests with the opportunity to win cool things like digital cameras, Apple products like iPads, iPods and other things we pick out. This is over and above the commissions we pay out, of course.

We try to make it fun to promote our program!

7) Does the affiliate or associate program offer support helpdesk where you can get YOUR questions answered?

Let’s say you need your affiliate program ID or have a commission question. Other than the email that’s (more than likely) going to get lost in the vast Internet system full of ISP email spam blockers and filters, is there any way you can get support?

With, we’ve got our person there live on weekdays to help you so all you need to do is go to our support page and open a ticket. We think that’s important. It’s not cheap to provide this service but it does help you.

I hope this has been an eye opening experience. As you can see, not all affiliate programs are as great as they say.

We created ours with YOU in mind and we work hard to make YOU money and keep YOU happy. We aren’t perfect. We make mistakes. But we’re on the ball. We’re responsive. We’ve available. And we do our best to follow up with your customers that you bring in and pay you commissions on repeat sales.

So if that’s the kind of program you want to be a member of, then sign up now.

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